Price $235

Paramount Total Indulgence

This full body rejuvenation begins with an exfoliating salt scrub and detoxifying mud wrap. You'll also enjoy the benefits of glowing skin from a Guinot Hydraclean Facial Treatment, paraffin on the feet, as well as an invigorating scalp treatment, concluding with a full body application of hydrating body milk. Your choice of aromatherapy scent will personalize your treatment and leave you feeling completely renewed after this head to toe experience!

Add on a little extra indulgence with a 30 minute relaxation massage $50
or our 60 minute Body Well-Being Massage $75.

Salon and/or makeup services are available to enhance your total experience.

*Not suitable for pregnant women

Price $220

Sea Holistic

An ultra-relaxing treatment with its gentle warmth and aromatic scent of lavender flowers. A combination of light strokes and pressure, this very original body massage uses Thai-inspired sea boluses to eliminate tension knots one by one. The full body exfoliation with sea salt crystals restores the skin’s natural softness and the facial brings radiance to the face thanks to the Enhancing Moisturizing Mask.

*Not suitable for pregnant women

Price $150

Marine Body Wraps

The benefits of the sea will take you on a relaxing journey of relaxation with a full body exfoliation, warm body wrap, steam shower and moisturizing massage. Choose from two options:   

      Detox Marine Body Wrap: Eliminates toxins and releases tension. 

      Invigorating Marine Body Wrap: Promotes sense of well-being and relaxation.


Option to add on a 30 minute relaxation massage $50 or our 60 minute Body Well-Being Massage $75.

*Not suitable for pregnant women

Price $160

Sculpt Zone

Cellulite Reduction

An intensive, targeted treatment for cellulite reduction of the Abdomen-Buttocks-Thighs. This treatment's ultra sensory products help to eliminate fat and toxins for a contouring effect. Appropriate home care is important to maintain results. 

Achieve best results with a 4 day express course (1 treatment per day for 4 days)
or a 2 week intensive program (4 treatments spread over 2 weeks) 

Series of 4 treatments - $580

*Not suitable for pregnant women

Clinical Results:

  • Express Course (4 treatments in 4 days): Reduction in visibility of excess curves in the abdomen-buttocks-thigh area: -28%

  • Intensive Program (4 treatments spread over 2 weeks): Waist circumference: -1.2 cm** and Thigh circumference: -1 cm**

    *Scoring on the appearance of the skin on 19 women who received 4 treatments in 4 days
    **Centimeter measures recorded on 19 women who received 4 treatments in 2 weeks.
Price $160

Firming Objective

Firms, tightens, reduces stretch marks & combats skin slackening

A firming body treatment that firms the skin, tightens tissue, reduces stretch marks and combats skin slackening. Appropriate home care is important to maintain results. 

Achieve best results with 4 - 10 sessions, 1 - 2 treatments per week. Can repeat throughout the year to achieve desired results.  

Series of 6 treatments - $800

*Not suitable for pregnant women

Clinical Results:

  • Regained firmness in 1 month*
  • Toning effect for more than 9 out of 10 women
  • Firming effect for more than 8 out of 10 women

*Satisfaction test on 14 volunteers having received 2 treatments per week for 4 consecutive weeks (8 treatments total)

Price $95

Leg Renew

This soothing full leg treatment drains, relieves and comforts tired legs. Leg Renew can reduce swelling in the short term and reactivate drainage and micro-circulation in the long term. Legs are left feeling relaxed, refreshed and toned. 

Can be done as a single treatment or as an intensive treatment of 4 - 10 sessions (1 - 2 treatments per week)

Series of 6 treatments - $520

Price $95

Satin Shimmer

A full body exfoliation with salt crystals combined with a hydrating and relaxing massage. The skin is left soft and silky. 

Price $75

Body Well-Being

A fully encompassing massage designed for the well-being of both mind and body that is from the tip of the toes to the top of the head. Using marine inspired movements and rhythmic massage using pressure and rocking motions, deep maneuvers and gliding motions this treatment promotes deep relaxation and leaves you feeling re-energized. 

*This treatment is performed by trained estheticians and is purely for relaxation purposes. No receipt for insurance will be issued. Not recommended for pregnant women.

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